Thursday, July 30, 2009


From Koper to the north of the country – can’t tell you what a great experience it was the road along river Soča, which is by the way one of the best and most beautiful rafting resorts in Europe, with a wonderful and inimitable shade of green. You can get to Bohinjska Bistrica in about 4 hours by train, but the view is really worth it. Since we had a two hours gap at Sežana, near the Italian border, decided to try the local Italian Pizzeria – it was a nice and comfortable restaurant, the food was delicious, the waiter very polite and friendly.

At arrival in Bohinjska Bistrica: a sudden shower, therefore no people on the street to help us find the nearest bus stop. Eventually we managed to get there, and were waiting for the bus to Bled, when a minibus stopped; a young and funny guy jumped out of it, with a grinning on his face, and asked whether we are the guests going to Bled… Although I felt like saying ‘yes’, we explained him that unfortunately we weren’t not the ones he was looking for. :) Still, he offered a ride to the lake, for which we were really grateful.

The lake was as beautiful as seen on pictures before, and after the rain had stopped, went up the little castle on the hill, walked around and enjoyed the fantastic view. I booked a room in a guest house, because a hotel would have been far too expensive, and my partner wasn’t keen on camping (actually carrying a tent throughout whole Slovenia didn’t seem a good idea to me either). The owner of the guesthouse came upstairs in the morning with our breakfast – a lovely surprise especially that our window looked right onto the lake , and couldn’t have had better boarding in a 3 star hotel in Bled either. After having had the amazing breakfast, a short shopping tour, to get some food for the rest of the day (since then they have brought in the euro and prices got bit higher, but at that time they were almost the same as in Hungary), then hired a small boat to go to the island which is in the very centre of the lake. I could show off with my wonderful paddling technique again – my friends say I do it quite well, despite of being a girl…