Thursday, July 23, 2009

Koper, Piran, Portorož

The way to Koper was extremely beautiful – we took a train around 16 in the afternoon and enjoyed the air-conditioned, clean service and the fact that there weren’t many tourists around. The journey takes only 2 hours, but the view from the viaduct when approaching the seaside is really fascinating. I booked a room in a students’ hostel prior to the journey, and also asked for the daily menu option… what we had for dinner was something that resembles the South-German ‘national dish’ with brown sauce, but was quite good though and to tell the truth we were hungry by then.

Right after we arrived, went for a walk in the port, to make friends with the local cats and see the sunset on the water – and the only thing that stopped me from jumping into the water was the sign right next to the boats: no swimming. But at least had a nice walk on the narrow streets of Koper, and a glimpse of the Mediterranean atmosphere. I think that was the first time I realized it must have been a mistake that I wasn’t born somewhere near the sea – and a strange feeling that somehow felt at home. Ever since, this is the only place where I can feel perfectly liberated, and always long for it, if I’m not somewhere near the shore.

Next morning: sightseeing in Piran, a short ride by bus and the first success in using my small Slovenian knowledge asked for the prices of shawls – and they understood!! Of course I couldn’t wait giving myself up to the waves, so in less than 5 minutes I was already in the water. After lunch, a huge ice cup, and a walk up to the castle walls, so that we could make some pictures of the panoramic view (not of those, couple of less bashful vacationers who were swimming about naked).

Actually I’m thinking of visiting Piran this year as well, and hope I can report about it soon to you.