Monday, August 3, 2009

Vintgar Gorge and Lake Bohinj

The following day the question came up: why not rent a bike and go to the nearby Vintgar Gorge? – only 3.5 kilometres from Bled, the route leads north, towards the village of Podhom, and all along the road there are clear signs for Vintgar. There are paths above the river Radovna, galleries and bridges constructed in the rock. The trail runs through the 1600 m long gorge and ends at the delightful Šum waterfall, the highest river fall in Slovenia. There were quite a few families wandering along the path, carrying small babies – I guess in this case it’s sensible to rent a car for your holiday, since car rental in Slovenia is not that costly and makes your life a lot easier. I had a smaller problem with my bike on the way back to Bled, the strings had fallen off, but fortunately there were some workers along the road, having the afternoon siesta, and they managed to fix it – when told them where are we from, even tried to communicate in German, with more or less success. Somehow I don’t seem to have luck with rented bicycles: last time in Germany, the breaks did not function, and to avoid crushing into the biker in front of me, almost crashed into a tree, but finally only flew a couple of meters, and had minor injuries. Since then I don’t really feel like cycling on mountainous grounds. :)

Lake Bohinj is another famous sight in Slovenia that couldn’t be left out. The bus we took from Bled was right at the lake in 40 minutes, and the water was crystal clear… I couldn’t resist having a swim, though it was freezing cold. All along the lakeside, there were many people, due to the popularity of the place and the time we chose (mid August) but still it was amazing.