Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Where are the cheapest resorts in the Balkans?

Backpacking is cool but it's not for everyone. Somehow when people think about travelling through the Balkans images of hippy hikers comes to mind, hitch-hiking around and living on a dime. People, budget holidays don't always have to mean lacking in lustre and luxury. Backpacking has its pros and its total cons and we also like to book an all-inclusive jaunt every once in a while. 

Where to go for cheap?

The UK Post Office surveyed almost 40 countries around the world to calculate the cost of holidays. While European hotspots like Portugal and Spain took the top spots, followed by the Czech Republic, the fourth spot belongs to a Balkan country, Bulgaria. The study took into consideration the price of eight regular tourist items including suncream, dinner for two, a cup of coffee, etc.

When choosing a holiday destination on a budget, you should know how much it's going to cost to stay there, on a day to day basis. On top of that, you have to find the cheapest flights, this is where you can really save a lot. If you're thinking of the Balkans, then Bulgaria is the place to go this year if you want to see your pound stretch a little bit further. 

For trips to the seaside, look for hotels and flights to Varna or Burgas, the two biggest cities along the coast of the Black Sea.

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