Tuesday, August 31, 2010

100 things to do in Belgrade

When a recent commenter asked me to do another post on Belgrade I was sort of scratching my head about what to write about since I already wrote about how to spend a weekend in Belgrade. To be honest, Belgrade isn't a pretty city, even the locals will admit that. But there is more to a city than just looks and this is where Belgrade really gets interesting.

When it comes to the Serbian capital, it's all about experience.

So how can a traveller experience Belgrade?
Well. I've come across an epic list of 100 things to do in Belgrade, not just for tourists but for locals too. If you're thinking, "Good grief is she really going to list 100 things to do in Belgrade?" then rest assured I'm not. I'll list only 10 and then if that's not enough, you can go here and read about the other 90.

  1. Gradic Pejton - visit this symbol of struggle against the New World Order and while you're at it, browse the craft shops in the surrounding neighbourhood.
  2. Dervish "turbe" - left over from the Ottoman era, you can find this little marker at the beginning of Visnjiceva Street.
  3. Zeleni Venac - shop the black market and live life on the edge a bit. Enjoy the bustle of this somewhat mysterious pedestrian street. 
  4. Kalemegdan - the best place to buy a five hundred billion dinar note for only one hundred dinars from a Belgrade memorabilia shop.
  5. Svetogorska Street 17 - home of the first discotheque in the Balkans. It opened in 1967 but you'll need to report back if you want to know what's there now.
  6. Kaludjerica - undoubtedly the wildest suburban area in Europe, constructed totally without any building permits.
  7. Tram #2 - skip the hop on hop off buses, take the tram instead. Like Budapest, the Tram #2 gives you the complete and "unofficial" tour of Belgrade's best sights.
  8. Balkanska Street - for shopping and browsing vintage shops that haven't quite noticed that they're vintage... they just haven't changed in 30 years.
  9. Salvador Dali - Hidden on the corner of Dorcol, you'll get a little glimpse at local humour.
  10. Sweets - Find yourself a stool at an old-fashioned candy shop. If you're not sure what to order, taste some Turkish Delight.
Belgrade shouldn't be underestimated. Start your trip through the Balkans here, you might be surprised at how easy it is to find cheap flights to Belgrade year round. If you've been and want to add some more experiences to the list, leave a comment!