Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Freedom Festival in Kosovo

Many young travellers look forward to and even plan their travels around different music and cultural festivals around Europe. Kosovo's Freedom Festival is new on the festival scene and it's attracting the local and foreign attention, hoping to bring new life and tourism to the city this summer. It took place in June and was a riot, with both local and foreign bands of varying genres the country's youth were dancing until the sun rose.

The festival hopes to forever change the rest of the world's perceptions of Kosovo, by attracting Western Europe's and North America's young people to the country to see what it really is. For most of us images of bombed buildings, ruins, poverty and political tension are the first things to come to mind. Actually visitors to Pristina are confronted with busy streets lined with trees, caf├ęs, bars and plazas, filled with young people that seem to have nothing to do except enjoy themselves.

Incredible isn't it?

Kosovo is in fact a young country with much development planned for the future. The country currently has an unemployment rate of 45%, the highest in Europe. Kosovo has a far way to go but it's taking the right steps to get there and attracting tourists to the region is half of the battle. The capital and surrounding cities have something special to offer, something you cannot find anywhere else in Europe, so explore!

Kosovo, apart from many other things, is a very affordable travel destination in a very culturally rich region. You've already missed out on this summer's Freedom Festival but there is always a chance to catch it next! In the mean time, it doesn't hurt to look for check out some cheap flights from London to Pristina, it's a city with charm all year round.