Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Albania's Ionian Coast, an adventure into the wild

Wouldn't it be nice to go swimming here? Dark blue waters and rugged shorelines, Albania is just a child when it comes to outdoor tourism but it's something that is picking up which means the Ionian Coast is going to be where it's at in a few years. Wild landscapes and ancient ruins, turquoise pools and lone wolves. So beat the crowds and enjoy it while you can!

How to get there:

You can find cheap flights from Belfast to Tirana, the capital of Albania, from a number of airlines like British Airways, Lufthansa and SAS. Albania's main international airport is Rinas International Airport (TIA) which is located just 10 km north of the city.

What to see:

 Llogaraja Pass

If you're an outdoors junkie who seeks thrilling heights around the world, then need you head to Llogaraja Pass. It is a road that travels south from Vlora and reaches 1000 m in height. Albania has never looked to beautiful than from above. From the top you can see mountains disappearing into the clouds, the steep cliffs that effortlessly fall into the sea and thick forests that are home to wolves and wild boar. Albania is majestic and completely wild.
Syri i Kalter

Lose your sense at the Blue Eyed Spring, a pool of water that is surrounded by vibrant blue edges, like the iris of an eye. The pool flows into the Bistrica River and no one knows exactly how deep it is, adding to the mystery. Enjoy a picnic, take a dip and relax under the shade of an oak.


Butrini is both home to some of the country's most renown ancient ruins and part of a national park. It is the perfect place to spend an afternoon exploring the place once inhabited by Greeks centuries past. It was later occupied by the Byzantines and then abandoned until the late 1920s when it was discovered by archaeologist.

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