Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Prague never slows down!

Czech Republic is one of those countries that has been a popular travel destination for decades and is showing no signs of stopping. Prague is exceptional for many reasons and is often found at the top of traveller's destination list for many reason, its architecture, fantastic beers, rich foods and stunning countryside, among many others. Its not the bargain city that it used to be fifteen-twenty years ago, but Prague still satisfies on all levels.

It is very easy to get to Prague, its one of the most accessible cities in Europe thanks to the number of low cost airlines. You can find cheap flights to Prague from just about any major European city. Once you arrive at the airport, you can take the city's metro network all the way to the city centre.

It's hard to know where to start in a city like there when there is so much to see! I'll help you out with a list of some must-sees which I really enjoyed when I visited Prague.

Charles Bridge: Prague's 600-year-old bridge, built in perfect Gothic style. It is lined with 30 different Baroque statues depicting religious figures. It is best enjoyed in the early morning or in the evening when tourist crowds die down.

The Dancing Building in New Town: This building has also been nicknamed the Fred & Ginger. The narrow-waisted glass tower was built in 1996 and it really looks like two buildings dancing together. You can find it at Rašínovo nábřeží 80.

Novy Svet: This quiet street is a life-saver once you've battled your way through crowds at Prague's most popular museums. For some its reminiscent of a Bohemian village. Browse around the different shops, stop for a bit to each. Today its a popular artist neighbourhood with plenty to explore.

Old Town Square: If you love Baroque and Gothic architecture, head to this square, its one of the most beautiful in Europe. The square is lined with exquisite facades. You can find the famous Astronomical Clock here, which should be caught on the hour to see the display.If you come at night you can see the spires on Tyne Church lit up.

Franz Kafka: This famous author and thinker has his own monument and museum in Prague. The monument is located beside the Spanish Synagogue and features a min-Kafka riding piggy-back with his headless body. The museum is a permanent exhibition of Kafka's early letters, photographs, videos, newspapers, that show how the city of Prague shaped Kafka as a writer. It is located at Hergetova Cíhelná, Cihelná 2b. You can also visit Franz Kafka's birth place at Náměstí Franze Kafky 3.

If you have had enough, find yourself in a small pub in any part of Prague and enjoy one of the many local beers. Need something to eat? Try a traditional potato pancake with some local cheese, a favourite snack at the bar.