Thursday, December 31, 2009

2010? travel travel travel

Well, its the eve of the New Year and I think everyone is making their resolutions to put in ink and sign at the strike of midnight. So I've been thinking about mine. Even though Budapest is beautiful and historical, there is so much more to explore. Hungary is the best starting point to discover the Balkans and although I have been getting around a little bit, there is still so much more to see, agreed?

Some of what I have come up with, the less personal and travel-related resolutions include:
-find cheaper flights  to the places I want to visit
-get out of the city more and breathe some fresh air
-set up a couchsurfing account because even though it is sometimes easy to find cheap hotel stays, there is nothing cooler than sleeping at local's houses and learning a thing or two about culture and lifestyle when travelling
-turkey turkey turkey! (and its not the bird that I've got on my mind)

New Years is the perfect time to think about the next year's travels and reflect on the trips I've taken this past year. It is pretty incredible thinking of all the possibilities that that Balkans offer. I'm not even quite sure how I got started on all of this but I am ready for a new year and more travel adventures, with fresh air and cheap flights. :)

Happy New Year!