Monday, September 7, 2009

Checklist before travelling

I've just made a short checklist for myself, as I'm going on a couple of days trip to the neighbouring Croatia, and wanted to share it with you!

Some things you might need to do / take care of before leaving home

  • address of your embassy in Croatia
  • sunburn cream, medicine to treat nausea, stomach discomfort, diarrhea or fever, elastic bandage, and disinfectants, some painkillers
  • spare passport photos for unforeseen documents
  • water the flowers or the garden plants; lawnmower, and ask somebody to take care of your pets
  • leave a travel program for relatives/friends of your holiday
  • valid ID / passport
  • European Health Card or travel insurance
  • guides, maps and dictionaries
  • photocopies of documents and traveller’s check
  • youth hostel card / international student ID
  • your flight tickets to Croatia, confirmation of hotel reservation in Korcula, for instance
  • foreign currency
  • switch off all electrical equipment, perhaps defrost the fridge (especially if you are leaving for a long holiday)
  • check gas, water, electricity and turn off if needed
  • close the windows and doors
  • take out the trash
  • clothing for different occasions
  • shoes / shoe cleaning
  • sport equipment (balls, mattresses, etc.)
  • cosmetics / suntan cream
  • contact lenses liquid, spare glasses and glasses case
  • luggage tags / luggage key
  • list of addresses for postcards; some pens
  • photo equipment, film (if not digital)
  • chargers for mobiles
  • a book (in case it might rain)